Holmfirth Yorkshire Weavers Cottages

I moved to my current 3D Nipple Tattoo Studio in Holmfirth in 2018 after I had been creating 3D Nipples for a couple of years. My mission was to create a permanent solution for people who had been through breast cancer treatment and surgery.

It was crucial to me that the nipple tattoos were permanent and didn’t fade away and change colour like the NHS or Cosmetic Technician Nipples. I just don’t think that this is a good enough standard for people who have been through so much.

My aim to create a better experience for Breast Cancer Warriors lead me to look into the environment where clients would come to have their treatment. To me the whole package is important. As well as receiving high quality end results the environment should be calm and welcoming in order to help the client to heal both physically and mentally. Many people who have been through cancer treatment have PTSD from the trauma of the experience so a welcoming environment is crucial. Its important to me that it is a holistic experience.

I am so lucky in that I live in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, which is a beautiful part of the world that was perfect as the location for my Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo Studio. Holmfirth is ideally located centrally between Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester, so the perfect location for people travelling from those cities. It is also easily reached from such areas as Bradford, Lincolnshire, Birmingham, The Lake District and Cumbria as well as areas further afield like Scotland, Wales and the Midlands.

I wanted a rural location in order to spare my clients the stress of having to navigate inner city traffic and parking nightmares, which is often part of hospital visits. As my studio is just outside the centre and located in a little village, driving and parking is easy and clients can arrive feeling fresh, calm and ready for their next step.

I am a great believer in the healing power of nature, especially for the mind. Holmfirth is surrounded by beautiful countryside dotted with little villages. The gorgeous landscape was made famous by the classic comedy series, “Last of The Summer Wine”. From rolling landscapes to wild moorland there is something for everyone. Many of my clients have combined a stay with an opportunity for walking and exploring the area.

In addition to the landscape, Holmfirth has a number of great restaurants, bars and coffee shops in which to pass a bit of time. After a walk or your appointment you can relax with some fine food and drink whilst watching the world go by.

I’ll list a few of my favourites below. The places below are a 5 minute drive from my 3D Nipple Tattoo Studio so if you do come for a visit be sure to check them out…

Longleys Ice Cream Parlour & Coffee Shop

Absolutely amazing ice creams, Sundaes etc. Coffee, select teas and gorgeous cakes. Highly recomended

Sids Cafe

Well known as the famous location of “Last of the Summer Wine”. Worth a visit and a photo outside.

Read Bookshop

Small but beautiful local bookshop with carefully curated book selections.

Bon Chocolat

Delicious and stunning hand crafted chocolates.


Possibly the best live music venue in the entire country. NME Venue Awards Runner up. Varied selection of bands and events. Worth checking out who’s on.

Box Office Bar

The Picturedrome Bar often has live music and a dynamic atmosphere.

The Old Bridge Inn

Recently refurbished Hotel with a lovely outside seating area, perfect for watching the world go by on a sunny day.

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