3D Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery. | Before & After Images and Pictures of Areola & Nipple Tattoos

In my 3D Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery below are some example images of the permanent Nipple Tattoos I create with some before and after pictures. This shows the realism achievable and also the 3D effect in detail. Each nipple is designed, after careful consultation, to match the skin tone and breast type of the client for a natural look.

Images of 3D Nipple Tattoos After Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Many nipple tattoos are created on completely flat skin where there is no surgically created nipple bump. This shows what can be achieved by the artistic application of shadows and highlights.

I am eternally grateful to my clients who allow me to share their photos here in the hope that they may help others.

Read below the gallery for more details about the before and after pictures of 3D Nipple Tattoos and Areola Tattoos.

Pictures of 3D Nipple Tattoos after Double Mastectomy 

Many ladies have had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. In this case, we can tattoo both nipples to sit naturally on the breast. We carefully select pigments that will compliment your skin colour or preference. After careful consideration of the position of the nipple on the breast, the tattoo is completed, bringing a natural look to the reconstructed breasts.

Specialist service to bring back symmetry after Bilateral Mastectomy

However, many ladies have had a bilateral mastectomy and have kept one of their nipples.

I specialise in creating a new nipple tattoo, to match the remaining nipple as closely as possible in colour and texture. I won’t just tattoo a standard nipple that doesn’t match your own. I take the time to colour match and measure to create a realistic tattoo portrait of your existing nipple, thereby bringing back symmetry and as close to a natural appearance as possible.

3D Nipple Tattoos after Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

Some clients have had nipple reconstruction surgery. In this case, shadowing, highlights and textures can be added to make the whole nipple and areola complex look natural.

Mastectomy Tattoo By Helen Aldous

Mastectomy Tattoo by Helen Aldous

Nipple tattoos after mastectomy and staying flat.

If you have had a mastectomy without reconstruction it is possible to create nipple tattoos. Many ladies also have decorative mastectomy tattoos.

You can view a gallery of decorative mastectomy tattoos here.

Nipple and Areola Tattoos made with Permanent Pigments

These nipples and areola are all created using permanent tattoo pigments which won’t fade away.

The Importance of the Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery

“Women with mastectomies must become visible to each other”

Audrey Lorde – The Cancer Journals 1980

Poet and writer, Audrey Lorde wrote about her battles with breast cancer in her book The Cancer Journals. She discussed how society imposes silence on breast cancer. How people going through the cancer journey can feel like they are not supposed to discuss their cancer or surgery, let alone show photos of it.

For Audrey Lorde, her cancer journey was a “war against the tyrannies of silence”.

For all these reasons I believe that having a photo gallery of before and after images of 3D Nipple Tattoos is incredibly important.

3D Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery

Nipple Tattoos after Breast Cancer

The Censorship of photos and images of 3D Nipple Tattoos and mastectomies after breast cancer.

Creating a gallery of before and after pictures of 3D nipple tattoos is not as simple as it sounds. The internet doesn’t make it easy.

The Internet and photos and images of 3D Nipple Tattoos and mastectomies after breast cancer.

Facebook doesn’t really allow you to post photos of nipple tattoos. Even though images after mastectomy surgery are allegedly within its guidelines, in principle it doesn’t work like that.

Photographs of nipple tattoos are flagged up automatically by the algorithm and immediately taken down with a severe warning that they are against “community standards”. This can mean an automatic ban with no recourse and no one to contact to appeal. I’ve been barred for 30 days and 7 days and have now stopped putting photos of the 3D nipple tattoos I create on the platform.

Even women posting photos and images of their own nipple tattoos and mastectomy surgery within a closed group can get banned. The groups can get shut down.

Despite protests outside Facebook headquarters and promises little seems to have changed.

This makes it very difficult for women to be visible after their mastectomies and to find support.

Other hosting companies and search engines’ business directories also will not allow images to be posted as they are “against their guidelines”. I have struggled to find a server to host this website.

Youtube has removed several of my videos or put them behind a log-in wall.

So for women to be visible after mastectomy is an uphill struggle.

It has become a passion of mine to fight against this internet suppression.

Women need to see photos and images of other women who have had 3D nipple Tattoos

It’s crucially important for breast cancer survivors to be able to see before and after pictures of nipple tattoos for the following reasons.

  • To see the end of the cancer journey in sight
  • To see before and after photos of 3D Nipple Tattooing
  • To see a wide range of different breast shapes and colours and see their outcomes
  • To see different types of Mastectomy Scars and breast reconstruction surgery
  • To see how the illusion of protrusion looks in real life on real women
  • To see what is achievable with areola tattooing and a reconstructed nipple after nipple reconstructive surgery
  • To see how artistic tattoo techniques and areola tattoos can complement the reconstructed breast
  • To see what kind of results are possible with an experienced nipple tattoo artist
  • To see what medical tattoos and areola restorative tattoos can achieve after breast cancer surgery
  • To see how a tattooed nipple can be created to match the natural nipple in appearance
  • To view beautiful mastectomy tattoos and body art tattoos that cover scar tissue
  • To feel hope and a sense of direction.
  • To know that they are normal
  • To celebrate life

Women supporting women with their before and after photos of 3D Nipple Tattoos

I always check with the women that I work with that they are comfortable and happy for me to show their photos here. The vast majority give permission happily.

They often state that their reason for doing so is that they hope that their photos will help other women who have not yet reached the end of their journey. They want to show their story.

They tell me that being able to view this gallery of photos of 3D nipple tattoos was helpful to them when they were making decisions so they want to pay it forward.

So there is a sense of community and a beautiful cycle of women supporting other women along their journey.

3D Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery – A resource for women

So this is why I have created this 3D Nipple Tattoo Photo Gallery. Yes, It is a showcase of the work I do as a medical tattooist but I think it is also more than that.

I hope that it is a resource for women who are traveling on this journey, to see other women who have gone before and to know that there is an end in sight.

I hope you find it helpful in your journey.

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