Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos After Top Surgery

Transgender people may undergo sex reassignment surgery, {also known as gender reassignment surgery, gender affirming surgery or top surgery} in order to alter the appearance of the chest area.

In female to male surgery, although a nipple graft is common, in some cases the graft doesn’t take, or you may choose to opt for no graft and then have the nipples tattooed on after surgery has healed.

In male to female surgery, implants are generally used which may alter the aesthetic appearance of the existing nipple. Nipple tattoos may be helpful after top surgery in order to complete the operation.

Female to Male Top Surgery Nipple Tattoos

If you have had an unsuccessful nipple graft or one which has healed patchily I can help to improve the appearance. In many cases, the colour can be restored by tattooing to ensure a more pigmented cosmetic appearance. If you have opted for no nipple graft, I can replicate the appearance of a male nipple as a permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo on bare skin.

Male to Female Top Surgery Nipple Tattoos

With male to female top surgery, you may have implants to increase the breast size. This may often mean the areola may appear small in relation to the new breast size giving an unwanted masculine appearance. In this case, I can tattoo the areola to appear larger so that they are more balanced to the size of the new breast.

Scar Revision

I am qualified to perform MCA Micro Needling and Scar Camouflage. These techniques can be used to revise and minimise any scarring after surgery.

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