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Areola Tattoos are a way of repairing damage to the Areola. Sometimes, the Nipple and Areola can become damaged after surgery. This can occur after mastectomy if infection occurs. Treatment can also cause the areola to lose colour and become faded and there may be extensive scarring. Breast augmentation or reduction, breast uplift or other types of breast surgery can sometimes result in scarring to the Nipple and Areola area.

In the case of gender transition surgery {Top Surgery} a nipple graft may not take or only heal partially, leaving a distorted nipple.

In most cases, scarring can be blended away to match the existing nipple in order to restore the appearance of the nipple and areola as closely as possible.

Below are examples of Nipple Areola Restoration which can be done with permanent pigments to achieve a natural and long lasting result. This can be helpful after surgery and can help to blend away scars and damage to the areola.

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