How Much Do Nipple Tattoos Cost?

Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos By Helen Aldous

Matching a Permanent 3D Nipple Tattoo to an existing Nipple

You may be wondering how much do 3D Nipple Tattoos cost?

Pricing wise, I charge £300 for one nipple and £400 for two and this covers two sessions. {The first session and a perfecting session 6 weeks later}.

You can pay for the work at each session, ie pay half at the first session and half at the second session. {ie £200 first session, £200 second session for 2 nipples}

The 3D Nipples I create are permanent, so unlike the NHS or cosmetic ones they won’t fade away. After the two sessions they are permanent meaning you won’t need to pay for top-ups. 

Procedure wise, I create the nipples over 2 appointments. This gives the most natural effect. I do the first session and then the perfecting session six weeks later where we can refine any details, darken the colour if needed and ensure any scarring has held the ink well.

The appointment generally takes about 2-3 hours. Its only about 45 minutes per nipple tattooing time but we spend a lot of time testing out colours to get the right ones and also taking time to ensure the new nipples are the right size and in the right place.

After the Nipple Tattoos are complete they are permanent and won’t fade away. This means that you don’t have any ongoing maintenance or top-up costs. Most semi-permanent nipple cosmeticians charge almost the same price for top-ups as the initial work so this can become costly in the long run.

If you would like to talk through any aspects of the process or to ask any questions please get in touch.

I offer a no obligation free consultation. During Covid-19 I am doing these via zoom or we can communicate via email or phone, whichever is more suitable for you.