Nipple Tattoo FAQ

We use the highest quality permanent tattoo inks to ensure that our nipples will last a lifetime with no further work.

Nipple tattoos performed in an NHS hospital or by a cosmetic tattooist are usually created using micro-pigmentation dyes. These dyes or inks are the same used to create cosmetic effects such as tattooed eyebrows or lip liner. They are designed to be absorbed into the body and fade away quickly. This is perfect for cosmetic tattoos [no one wants the same eyebrows to last a lifetime as fashions change] but not so good for nipples.

Micro-pigmentation nipples fade and disappear quickly. You will need to repeat the procedure every 2 years or so, meaning frequent returns to the hospital, something many women want to put behind them. You can also face steep fees from private cosmetic tattooists for colour top ups, which are an ongoing expense.

In addition, as the inks are absorbed by the body, the nipple can fade unevenly and look pale, patchy and unreal, ruining the illusion of a real nipple.

Because we create a professional permanent tattoo, our nipples will last your lifetime with NO MAINTENANCE and NO FADING, freeing you from these considerations and allowing you to get on with your life.

Whilst the actual nipple creation tattoo procedure takes around 30 minutes per nipple please allow around 3 hours or so for your visit. This is so we have plenty of time to allow for colour mixing, the positioning of the nipples, general preparation and cups of tea.

Yes. Its fine to bring one friend [over 18]  with you. Sorry but the studio is too small for more than one.

Yes, absolutely. After a nipple reconstruction, you will have a nipple bump but no pigmentation in the nipple and areola area. We can artistically colour the area to give the visual appearance of natural areola texture and create the right colour for your nipple.

You can read more information and see some images of Nipple Tattoos over Nipple Reconstructions in this blog post.

Yes, we can help. In most cases, we can tattoo over the old pigmentation to improve the appearance of the nipples and make them look realistic. Our nipples are permanent and won’t fade. Get in touch for a consultation and we can discuss the options.

It costs £400 for one nipple and £500 for two nipples. This price includes 2 sessions approx 6 weeks apart.

Yes. You can find out more about my 3D Nipple Areola Tattoo Training Masterclass here.

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I have written an extensive blog post of FAQ’s which you can read here.

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