Always ask to see photos of Healed Nipple Tattoos…

With many Micropigmentation Technicians creating semi-permanent Nipple Tattoos it’s important to understand the difference between these and truly Permanent and hyper-realistic Nipple Tattoos in order to avoid disappointment.

Micropigmentation, cosmetic or semi-permanent nipple tattoos can lighten {by around 50-80% in the few weeks after tattooing} and fade and lose their detail quickly, ceasing to look realistic. Most will need topping up by around 2 years if not sooner. Colours can change leading to an unnatural orangey or too pink appearance as the colour tones shift as they fade from the skin.

Permanent Nipple Tattoos, such as those seen here stay true to colour and detail for years to come after being fully healed.

I feel its important to show healed results as well as those which are freshly tattooed. This gallery showcases true permanent healed results. Always ask to see healed photos of work from any artist you approach. They shouldn’t be afraid to show you the healed results…

I am eternally grateful to my clients who allow me to share their photos here in the hope that it may help others. I don’t often get chance to photograph the healed results as my clients do not have to keep returning for costly top-ups so I very much appreciate the clients who have shared their healed photos.

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