Is A Nipple Tattoo For Me?

After you have researched the options available after mastectomy, you may be wondering “is a Nipple Tattoo for me?” It can be a daunting choice. Whilst only you can make the decision, below are listed some of the benefits of going down the route of receiving permanent no-fade Nipple Tattoos.

Do you want to?

  • Feel complete again when you catch a glance at yourself in the mirror?

  • Complete the final step on your cancer journey, allowing you to put it all behind you and move on with your life?

  • Draw attention/the eye away from any scars you may have?

  • Get your confidence back again, in the gym changing rooms, on the beach, in bed?

  • Be back in touch with your body?

  • Just feel more like YOU again?

Receiving No-Fade 3D Nipple and areola restorative nipple tattoos can help you to … –

  • Create the realistic appearance of a protruding nipple, even on completely flat skin.

  • Match your existing nipple in the case of unilateral mastectomy. Achieve symmetry again.

  • Feel comfortable in your skin again and reclaim your new reconstructed breasts.

  • Get the exact nipple you want. With my completely custom service you can choose from different colours, sizes and textures. I can match your own nipple from a photo or match your existing nipple if you have had a unilateral mastectomy.

  • Avoid the surgery, infection dangers and failure risk of a surgically created nipple.

  • Be free from dealing with awkward prosthetic stick on nipples.

  • Have a natural looking nipple. I custom colour mix to match your skin perfectly.

  • My artistic background enables me to create an illusion of a 3D protruding nipple using the precise application of light and shade.

  • Put hospital visits and touch-ups behind you. My Nipple Tattoos are PERMANENT and will last your lifetime. No need to worry about recurring future hospital visits, faded patchy nipples or costly top ups every couple of years, thus allowing you to put your cancer journey behind you and move forward with your life.

Please note. The before and after images shown here are Nipple Tattoos that I have personally completed in my own studio. I never use stock images or pictures of other peoples work. These ladies are all photographed in natural light with no filters or retouching and have kindly given permission for their images to be used. You can view more before and after Nipple Tattoo images in my gallery here.

If you would like to ask any questions about getting Nipple Tattoos please get in touch.

I offer a FREE Consultation Service either in person or via email, which ever is easiest for you. I’m always happy to answer questions and chat through what is possible in order to hep you reach the end of your cancer journey.