Helen Aldous Tattoo Covid-19 Policy for clients attending appointments.

These are strange time and it’s important that we all do as much as possible to ensure the safety of both my clients and myself.

Im sorry that these instructions may seem a bit over the top but they are here to protect both of us. I really appreciate you sticking to them when you come for your appointment. These precautions will be in place until Covid-19 is no longer a problem.

Please read the following Covid-19 Policy carefully. Thanks

Please be assured that my studio will be adhering to the high standards of hygiene that were in place even before Covid-19.

As well as standard hygiene procedure this will include special precautions such as…

  • Wearing full PPE.
  • Cleaning and sanitising the studio, toilets and high touch areas between each client.
  • The use of disposable items. Ie disposable paper towels in place of towels in the toilet.
  • Needless to say I won’t work if I feel in any way ill or have had any kind of contact with Covid-19.
  • The toilet will be available and will be sterilised between clients.

Please help me keep us both safe by adhering to the following client precautions

  • Please make sure you feel in perfect health. If you feel in any way ill or you or your family have been in contact with Covid-19 please let me know and we can reschedule the appointment.
  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, not too early or too late. This gives me time to ensure everything is in place and cleaned before you enter the studio.
  • Please call me on 01484 680 104 just before your appointment time and I will give you the OK to come into the studio and guide you in.
  • Please wear a face mask or face covering.
  • Depending on the area to be tattooed I may need you to wear a visor as well which I will provide.
  • I will dispense some antiseptic gel into your hands as you enter the studio.
  • Please come on your own as at the moment I can only have one person in the studio at a time.
  • Please don’t bring too many bags/coats etc. Please bring as little as you can
  • I wont be able to provide refreshments so please bring everything you need.


Payment – I’m still happy to accept cash. Or you can use my card machine which will be sanitised.


Please don’t feel intimidated by the above precautions. I appreciate full PPE can make a visit to get a procedure done a little bit more intimidating. I hope that I will still be able to offer the same calm and enjoyable experience that I aimed to provide prior to Covid-19 becoming a problem.

Please get in contact if there is anything you are unsure about. I’m always happy to answer questions.

I look forward to seeing you soon.



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