Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form for Secret Garden Tattoo Studio & Helen Aldous

Company name:

Helen Aldous – Secret Garden Tattoo Studio

Assessment carried out by:

Helen Aldous

Date assessment was carried out:


Date of next review:

On 1st of each month.

What are the hazards?


Who might be harmed and how?

Tattoo artist & clients.

What are you already doing to control the risks?

  • Access restricted to one client per session with no additional people allowed in the studio.
  • Appointment only. No walk ins allowed
  • 30 minutes allowed between appointments to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitising.
  • PPE including visors, masks and gloves worn at all times.
  • Ensure social distancing observed.
  • Ensure the workspace is set out to ensure access to toilet is possible with social distancing.
  • Payment –  quarantine cash and sanitise card machine.
  • Check the client isn’t feeling unwell prior to the appointment.
  • Sanitise all high traffic touch areas [ie door knobs etc] between clients
  • Sanitise toilet facilities between clients
  • Sanitise anything touched by clients between appointments [ie pens]
  • Use disposable items where possible [ie paper towels to dry hands in toilet areas]
  • Hand sanitiser to be used by client on entry

What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

None at present.

Who needs to carry out the action?

Tattoo artist

When is the action needed by?

To be actioned immediately

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