In my wandering around the internet I love to find interesting blogs to read. Blogs by people with cancer can offer a revelatory insight into how other people deal with the journey of cancer and leave you feeling much less alone in your struggle. There’s a feeling of camaraderie which can be comforting. 

In this post I want to share 5 of the best breast cancer blogs I have discovered, all coming from different angles to discuss the issue of breast cancer and offer support and understanding.

I hope you find something here that speaks to you…

Breast Surgeon With Breast Cancer

I’m Liz O’Riordan, and I’m a Consultant Breast Surgeon. Ironically, in July 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer at the age of 40. I started a blog to help me come to terms with my cancer diagnosis, and now formally write and talk about my experiences. This led to me being nominated for a ‘Woman of the Year‘ award in 2016. I had a local recurrence in May 2018 and have just finished treatment.

Liz O’Riordan is a Consultant Breast Surgeon, who in a gargantuan and cruel stroke of irony was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Her unique viewpoint allows her to view the Cancer journey from both sides and offer useful insight. She has also co-authored ‘The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control’ with Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and also presented a great TED talk which is worth finding on YouTube

Why I like this blog…

Unique insights from both sides of the treatment fence, especially around reconstructive surgery and how to deal with different medical specialists.

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer is Ann Marie Giannino-Otis’ fierce and unconventional initiative to promote awareness, early detection, and advocacy, with a special focus on how the disease impacts younger people. On behalf of her organization, Ann Marie has been featured in area publications, appeared on TV, local radio, and Huff Post Live, and hosts a series of monthly events. Since its inception in 2012, Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer has raised and contributed over $750,000 to a variety of breast cancer organizations, including Stand Up to Cancer, Duke Hospital, Wilmot Cancer Center, the Upstate Cancer Center, CancerConnects, Personal P.Ink and the Maureen’s Hope Foundation.“

Ann Marie Giannino-Otis is on a mission to promote awareness, early detection and advocacy. She writes with great spirit about the realities of dealing with cancer, but also every day life, family, love and support systems. 

Why I like this blog…

Warm and enveloping writing, inviting you into Anne Marie’s home and family.

Accidental Amazon

I’m a symmetry-challenged Baby-Boomer, an artist, writer & closet geek with a day job as a healthcare clinician. In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus far, I’ve lived to complain about it — and there’s a lot to complain about, in the healthcare system & in the rampant merchandising of this disease. Change does not happen in silence, so I choose to speak out & question the status quo, with gusto, soul-searching, analysis & research, in the hope that it might help. A little skepticism is healthier than a lot of disillusionment.“

Kathi is a physical therapist and artist who was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ in 2008. Since then she has written a detailed and extensive blog covering a wide range of cancer related topics. 

She has a warrior stance against the commercialisation of Breast Cancer. In her own words… 

“The purpose for which I may most often win new readers is to skewer the rampant pink merchandizing that has come to characterize Pinktober. Breast cancer has been prettified, sexualized and trivialized, all in the name of fundraising. And still, about 40,000 women and men die of metastatic breast cancer every year in the U.S. alone. And we don’t have a cure. And that’s just not acceptable.”

Why I like this blog…

I like Kathi’s passionate focus on calling out Pinksploitation and the need for more research funding for metastatic breast cancer.

ReThink Breast Cancer


Rethink Breast Cancer’s mission is to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer. Rethink brings bold, relevant awareness to foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young women living with breast cancer.

Canada based Rethink Breast Cancer are on a mission to respond to the unique needs of young women living with breast cancer. However, whatever your age, their bold and eclectic mix of blog topics from various contributors ensures there is always something interesting to read. 

Why I like this blog…

I love the sheer variety of different topics covered by this blog. From mastectomy Tattoos and Nipple Tattoos to practical information on dealing with breast cancer treatment to personal experiences of cancer. It’s all there. Wonderful.

Breast Cancer Care

We want every person affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support.

What we do

We combine the personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise, using this in a unique way to:

  • provide information on living with and beyond breast cancer
  • offer emotional and practical support through our services and Helpline
  • bring people affected by breast cancer together through our services and Forum
  • campaign for improvement in standards of support and care
  • promote the importance of early detection.

The Breast Cancer Care website is a one stop shop for a vast amount of information and support relating to breast cancer. They have local support groups, courses and events as well as online and telephone support. 

The blog area of the website offers personal stories from breast cancer patients telling their powerful stories and offering insights into how they coped with their illness. 

Why I like this blog…

I love the personal stories and the feeling of warm support emanating from this site.

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