Qualified Medical Tattooist - Areolas, Scars & Burns

Medical Tattooing Areola, Scars & Burns

I have completed an intensive development course in Medical Tattooing. This means that I am now trained, licensed and insured to carry out work on scars and burns as well as nipples & areola.

Medical Tattooing covers a wide range of areas that can all help to improve the skins appearance after surgery or trauma by the use of techniques such as dry needling/MCA Micro needling through to Mosaic Micropigmentation camouflage techniques.

The appearance of scars can be improved. Knotted scarred areas can be helped to smooth, relax and re-pigment naturally. Scars can also be improved to ensure that a beautiful decorative tattoo design can cover them safely.

Examples include…

  • Replicating the image of a missing body part [ie Nipples or missing fingernails]
  • Scalp Scar Camouflage.
  • Relaxing scars and helping them to re-pigment naturally
  • Blending the appearance of scars into the surrounding skin
  • Relaxing burn scars so the skin is less distorted
  • Camouflaging areas of missing hair on the scalp or beard or moustache area
  • Making thinning hair appear thicker
  • Camouflaging hair transplant scars
  • Helping indented scars to fill in and become smoother
  • Enabling raised scars to become smoother
  • Filling in pigment in areas where it has been lost due to trauma
  • Preparing a scar to receive a decorative cover up tattoo safely
  • Improving the appearance of stretch marks

This enables me to build on my extensive experience of artistic tattooing on different types of skin and create both cover up body art tattoos and camouflage work for people who have scarring.

As far as I know I am the first person in the UK qualified both through a professional traditional  tattoo apprenticeship and also in Medical Tattooing for scars, burns and areolas.

This allows me to combine industry best practice with the art & craft skills of traditional tattooing. Im really looking forward to being able to utilise the things I have learnt to help my clients recover after surgery and trauma.

Medical Tattooing Areola Masterclass

I travelled down to Haywards Heath to take part in a two day masterclass focussing on Areola and Nipple Tattooing.

I trained with Finishing Touches Group who are the main Medical Tattooing training provider for the NHS in the UK.

The trainer, Kelly Forshaw Smith is a lovely lady who is a fount of knowledge on Medical Tattooing. I learnt some great new techniques around Nipple and Areola Tattooing which I can add to my current skills. I also worked on some ladies who had scars from their reconstructive surgery.

I used MCA Microneedling on scars on the breast and DIEP Flap reconstruction scars on the stomach to help relax and flatten the scars. One lady had a tummy scar which was very tight and uncomfortable, so the MCA Microneedling will help that to relax.

We had an interesting time trialling a new range of skin camouflage pigments which will be released soon. The new colours were a fabulous match for the skin and I’m really looking forward to them coming onto the market for use. MCA is a great start to blending scars away but skin camouflage pigments can be the finishing touch. As many of my 3D Nipple Tattoo clients have extensive scars from reconstructive surgery after mastectomy I’m always looking for new ways to help.

So all in all, an enjoyable and enlightening two days after which I received a new advanced qualification in Medical Areola Tattooing.

You can view a gallery of my Permanent 3D Nipple tattoos here. 

My Private studio is located in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Easily reached from surrounding cities such as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford

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